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Anaesthesia for elderly or infirm patients (eg heart, liver, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer)
Dr Christine has years of experience treating higher-risk patients and has the security of a referral hospital with 24-hour intensive care facilities and multiple highly qualified intensive care staff if needed. Her surgical experience means shorter anaesthetic times, giving extra peace of mind.
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Root Canal Therapy and Pulp Capping
Fractured teeth may sometimes be saved from extraction, and even kept alive. Root canal treatment for dead teeth preserves their function, while freshly damaged teeth may be kept vital if pulp capping is performed quickly after injury. These procedures can also be used during surgical shortening of teeth in cases where orthodontic problems are causing bite problems.
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Dental X-rays and CT scans
Dental xrays are critical in diagnosing, treating and monitoring dental conditions. Without xrays, only a third of the tooth can be seen, meaning painful conditions are commonly overlooked, treatment planning is often suboptimal, and more surgical complications may arise. Dentistry without xrays is like operating in the dark.
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Referral and Emergency Consultations
Dr Christine accepts referrals for all dental conditions, including high risk patients. Emergency treatment can be arranged at short notice when required.
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Stomatitis Treatment in Cats and Dogs
This inflammatory condition is incredibly painful, and frustrating to treat. Dr Christine has treated many patients over the past decade, and helps you sort through the current information available to give your pet the best chance of long term relief. While many patients require extensive extractions, the trauma of this process is minimised by her fast and gentle surgical technique, getting your pet home and eating again as soon as possible.
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Dental Cleaning and Periodontal Therapy
There is more to professional scaling and polishing than ‘a quick clean’. Pets aren’t great at telling us if they are sore, so thorough examination is also critical when your pet is having a ‘dental’, to ensure the most is made of the opportunity to check for issues while your pet is asleep. Dr Christine can also offer advanced options for periodontal therapy to save teeth in some cases.
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Bite Assessment and Teething Problems
Puppies and kittens grow rapidly, and it is common to see teething problems (retained baby teeth, unerupted or impacted teeth) that can seriously affect their oral health as they mature. Bite and jaw abnormalities can make everyday activities such as eating and playing painful as well. Dr Christine has over a decade of experience assessing mouths, and can advise you on whether intervention is required, and which option is best for your pet.
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Dental extractions can be difficult, especially in predators (such as dogs and cats) where the teeth are designed to never come out! Dr Christine has spent years developing her skills to allow rapid extraction of even the trickiest teeth, with minimal pain and postoperative complications.
Educational services for vets, nurses, breed clubs and animal lovers
According to the American Animal Hospital Association, an estimated 85% of adult dogs and cats suffer from dental disease. Despite this, the proportion of pets receiving dental treatment in most practices is often barely a tenth of this. That’s a lot of animals missing out on what they need for a happy, healthy life. Speak with us today about our educational services for practices, and how you can grow your dentistry service and help more of your patients.

The love and care you provide is honestly exceptional!

– Karl and Cheryl

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