We are very proud to announce that Sydney Pet Dentistry is Now Open

Sydney Pet Dentistry Hospital Exterior

What Is The Sydney Pet Dentistry Hospital?

It’s the first dedicated pet dentistry hospital in Australia. All we do is dental and oral surgery in dogs and cats. 

With our experienced staff and state-of-the-art facility, we can provide the best dental care for your pet.

Why Build A Pet Dental Hospital?

Patients with dental and oral disease have different requirements to a typical specialist centre. Having our own hospital means we can focus on these requirements, without the parts of a multi-disciplinary specialist centre that your pet does not need.

This means we can provide your patients and pets with a focused and high standard of care.

Where Is The Sydney Pet Dentistry Hospital?

Sydney Pet Dentistry will operate exclusively from our hospital at 47 Herbert Street, Artarmon, 2064.

It’s on the lower, on the North Shore of Sydney and is really close to the M1 and M2, so getting there from anywhere in Sydney is easy.

We have seen patients from all over NSW and have had patients come from as far as Alice Springs! For this reason, we have set up amenities so that people travelling can freshen up after their trip.

When Will The Hospital Open?

Building is coming along nicely and we anticipate opening in mid-November 2023. Fingers crossed!

Please note that our hours and locations until then are variable, so ring our reception on 1300 838 336 for further advice.

What Will The Hospital Look Like?

At the moment it’s emerging out of the dust. But here is a bit of a glimpse of what is to come.


It’s very easy to spot as you drive along Herbert Street. There is plenty of parking.

Sydney Pet Dentistry Hospital Exterior


The reception area has plenty of room and some amenities to freshen up. Our lovely receptionist, Heidi, is already answering our phones and will greet you in person soon.

Reception Sydney Pet Dentistry Hospital

Consult Rooms

Once you and your pet have checked in, our experienced vets will see you in a consulting room. Here we examine your pet and then discuss treatment options.

Consult Room Sydney Pet Dentistry Hospital

Treatment Room

Once we examine your pet, and if your pet needs surgery, we will take it upstairs. This is where all the treatments and animal care happens. It’s a full hospital the size of many other referral centres… but just for dentistry.

Treatment Room Sydney Pet Dentistry Hospital

Dental Suite

This is where the magic happens. We anaesthetise your pet and perform dental and oral procedures here.

Our experienced vets, Christine and Leah, operate on your pet. They are well assisted by our very well qualified vet technicians and nurses – Lourdes, Jasmin and Vicky.

Dental Suite Sydney Pet Dentistry

Recovery Area

Once your pet is awake, we have a warm and comfortable recovery area that is closely monitored. Our patients wake up slowly and calmly and we feed them chicken as soon as they are awake!

Note.. where the curved panels are showing is where the cages will be. They are large, warm and comfortable. Computer images don’t show them well.

Recovery Area

Patient Wards

Once your pet has recovered from surgery, it will be transferred to the cat or dog ward. We separate the cats from the dogs to reduce their stress.

Both wards are warm and sunny and our ward nurse, Henry, will keep them comfortable well fed, and take the dogs out to stretch their legs.

And Plenty More

There is much more to the hospital than the rooms above, but they are not as interesting for you or your pet. Suffice to say, we have everything we need.

Cat & Dog

Every Pet Deserves A Healthy, Pain-Free Mouth