What to Expect

Preparing for your appointment:

Once you have booked in with us, we will contact your vet to get your pet’s history and our vets will review this in case there are further details we require prior to your visit. Sometimes we might contact you to discuss preanesthetic testing, administration of medications prior to your visit or other issues to improve the safety for your pet and make your visit as smooth as possible.

On the Day of your appointment:

If your pet may be having a procedure please do not feed them after midnight the night before your visit, unless they are diabetic or very young (in these cases speak to one of our team members for advice).

What to Bring With You:

Please bring any medications your pet has been prescribed. While we have a range of diets available, if they are on a highly restricted diet and likely to stay for surgery, it can be helpful to being your pet a snack for when they recover. If you have any family members or other important people that cannot make the appointment but need to be involved in the discussion, please have their contact number handy so we can include them in the discussion by phone if possible.

What To expect During Your Appointment:

We have found that examining the mouth is easiest for most pets without their people present (just like toddlers, most are better at sitting still without you there to play up to!). If they need you there don’t worry, we will call you in. Once we have examined them, we will call you in and go through everything together in detail. We discuss our findings and the various options to solve your pet’s issues, to come up with a treatment plan that best suits you, your pet and their lifestyle. We provide estimates for costs of these, and help you make the best informed decision for your pet’s care.

What Happens After Your Appointment:

If treatment is required, it might be booked in for a later date, or done on the same day depending on your preference and the treatment required. Most procedures are day surgeries, with pets going home late in the afternoon or early evening.. Preanaesthetic blood tests may be performed and dental rays, CT scans and surgery can be done under the one anaesthetic. We will contact you when your pet is awake again, go through all of the details, and arrange a time for you to be reunited later in the day. If your pet needs overnight monitoring and pain relief in hospital, we can transfer them to a nearby 24 hour specialist hospital facility for continuous care, and bring them back to our hospital the following morning for a final examination prior to discharge.

We provide a free post-surgery recheck for our patients, as part of the service. This is generally booked for 10-14 days after surgery. A full report will also be sent to your regular vet.

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