Dental extractions are one of the most frequently performed procedures in small animal clinical practice. Extractions are also arguably the most feared and misunderstood procedure we perform. It is a myth that if teeth are extracted, your pet will not be able to eat properly.

Pets thrive without pain

Dogs and cats need their teeth for hunting and protection, neither of which is a big issue for your average domestic pet. In fact, pets thrive when painful, diseased teeth are removed – even if they have no teeth!

Happy Pain Free Dog with a big smile.

Minimising Trauma

Yet there is no denying that the extraction of teeth from your pet can be a traumatic process if not done properly, which is quite rightly a cause for concern. A discussion with your regular vet is the best place to start. Most vets with modern imaging and techniques can quite capably treat your pet. However, if the teeth to be extracted are difficult or numerous, if the surgery is going to be traumatic and take many hours (or may even be staged over multiple anaesthetics), then your vet may suggest referral.

A Cat being comforted on a Vets table. Vet's hands visible wearing white gloves.

Sydney Pet Dentistry are Extraction Specialists 

Sydney Pet Dentistry treats such cases on a daily basis. With our equipment, experience, efficiency, gentle surgical techniques and pain relief protocols, the surgical time and trauma are kept to a minimum. This is particularly important in older pets. Most of our patients are up and eating straight after surgery!

A large dog undergoing dental surgery under anaesthetic.

Teeth can be saved

Some techniques can save teeth from needing dental extraction for dogs. Sometimes these techniques are the best option, but often simple dental extraction in dogs brings a quick and clean end to an ongoing problem. We discuss the benefits of saving vs extracting teeth at the consultation so that you can make an informed decision for your pet, especially in the context of your dog and cat tooth removal.

Extraction Services

There are a few situations where the circumstances of the patient or the disease require particular attention to dog tooth extraction.

  • Feline dental extractions
  • Full mouth extractions
  • Alternatives to extraction

In many other cases, dental extraction is intertwined with many of our other treatments.

  • Periodontal disease (dogs)
  • Periodontal disease (cats)
  • Stomatitis (dogs)
  • Stomatitis (cats)
  • Tooth resorption (cats)
  • Tooth root abscesses
A veterinarian inspecting dog's teeth in a clinic
Cat & Dog

Every Pet Deserves A Healthy, Pain-Free Mouth