Why Choose Sydney Pet Dentistry?

Sydney Pet Dentistry is the only dedicated veterinary dental hospital in NSW – all we do is pet dentistry.

For over 15 years we have offered a referral service for veterinarians in NSW in the rapidly progressing field of veterinary dentistry. Here are just some of the things about Sydney Pet Dentistry that make us special.

Our Services and Customers

Helping Pets

Sydney Pet Dentistry has talented staff and an amazing hospital that has, as its only focus, helping pets with dental and oral disease. It’s all we do, and we have many years of experience at it.

With our laser-sharp focus on the mouth, we can offer diagnostics and, importantly, the broadest range of treatment options in Sydney. It’s important that you know all the treatment options for your pet. 

This may mean a simpler treatment option rather than going for gold standard treatment. 

Helping Vets

Local vets are crucial because they are the ones seeing our pets regularly. If your pet hasn’t seen your vet within the last twelve months, it’s time for a checkup. Your vet will examine your pet and (very commonly) diagnose dental disease.

Most vets can and should treat most dental diseases- standard extractions, preventative treatments, diagnoses (usually with dental x-rays) etc. However sometimes a patient may need referral care, which is where we come in.

Whilst we take second opinions directly from pet owners, patients receive the best outcomes when local vets and Sydney Pet Dentistry work together. It’s always best to see your local vet first and decide if referral is appropriate.

How We Make A Difference

Building a veterinary dental hospital allows us to expand our services and treat more pets with less waiting time.

The Sydney Pet Dentistry Story

Pet Dental Health In 2005

Christine Hawke created Sydney Pet Dentistry in 2005 after completing her veterinary dental qualifications through the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (Membership). Back then, veterinary dentistry was in its infancy – a surprisingly overlooked part of pet health. Bad breath and other oral health issues had always been accepted rather than investigated – leading to terms like ‘dogs breath’. The assumption was that if a pet was still eating, then it’s mouth must be ok. 
Yet dental disease was silently causing our pets pain and disease. The emphasis is on silently. Animals can’t express pain like humans, and they still needed to eat, even if it was painful. Often pets would gulp their food down very fast. This wasn’t always out of enthusiasm, but rather to eat quickly and minimise the pain of chewing. It’s also a pack instinct not to show pain; and so they would suffer in silence. Dental disease was also affecting distant organs like the heart, liver and kidneys in ways we were only beginning to understand. 
Cat getting procedure

A Growing Community

Christine joined a small but growing community that raised awareness of dental disease amongst veterinarians and pet owners in Sydney, and across the world. Sydney Pet Dentistry started training courses for vets and vet students, and set up a referral service to treat the pets of Sydney and NSW. 
After working at various specialty hospitals in Homebush, Rosebery and Artarmon for eighteen years, Sydney Pet Dentistry is opening its own hospital in Artarmon in 2023. This state-of-the-art veterinary dental hospital will be the first of its kind in Australia, with unique diagnostic tools and treatments to allow even better treatment of our pets. 
Veterinarian diagnosing pet dog.

Sydney Pet Dentistry Today

Our philosophy is that your pet doesn’t need a perfect mouth – just one that is healthy and not painful. Importantly, some dental treatments, such as cosmetic dentistry, are unnecessary and arguably unethical in animals. We will be honest with you about this when we present your pets treatment options. 
Now, as when we started, we want to raise awareness of dental disease and help the pets of Sydney and NSW receive the treatment they deserve. 

The Sydney Pet Dentistry Team

It’s our staff that makes Sydney Pet Dentistry special – they are, without exception, dedicated and caring professionals. Sydney Pet Dentistry is a family-owned small business… and proud of it. 

Our staff make your visit friendly and reassuring. When we advise you, it is always with your pet’s best interests in mind. Above all, we treat your pet just like we would treat our own.

Read a little about our staff’s background, skills and interests and put a face to a name. These are the people you will be trusting to take care of your pet.

Cat & Dog

Every Pet Deserves A Healthy, Pain-Free Mouth