About Sydney Pet Dentistry

Sydney’s Only Advanced Veterinary Dental Service

Sydney Pet Dentistry is Sydney’s longest established dental-only veterinary service. Dr Christine Hawke founded the practice in 2007 to offer a referral service for veterinarians in Sydney and surrounds in the rapidly progressing field of veterinary dentistry. Here are just some of the things about Sydney Pet Dentistry that make us special 🙂

  • Our core belief is that every pet deserves to have a healthy, pain-free mouth.
  • We are totally committed to improving the health and welfare of our companion pets.
  • We provide the only Sydney based clinical dentistry service and so we are always here to back up our patients in emergencies.
  • We offer a wide range of dental education programs for vets, vet nurses, breed clubs and pet lovers.

Clinical Services

The clinical dental service is one of the things about Sydney Pet Dentistry that make it special. Our small animal clinical dental service offers a full referral service, including all aspects of dental and mouth surgery, including:

  • Second opinions. This is usually done in cooperation with your local vet but we do see patients without a referral.
  • Advanced surgical extractions which help to keep anaesthesia times to a minimum. This is very important in elderly pets and those with other problems.
  • Root canal treatment to salvage important teeth
  • Management of diseases that severely inflame the mouth such as CUPS and feline stomatitis, which are very painful for pets.
  • Emergency care for broken jaws, working as part of a critical care team for your pet.
  • Cancer diagnosis and management.
  • Preventing your pet from developing painful, ongoing mouth problems.
  • Puppy bite evaluation to prevent teeth growing into abnormal, painful positions.

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Dr Christine Hawke consults and operates (by appointment) at the following locations:

  1. Sydney Veterinary Emergency and Specialists on Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays
  2. Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Centre: North Shore on Thursdays and alternate Fridays

Book an appointment by clicking the links below or ring 1300 838 336 and follow the prompts.

Many dental problems can be treated professionally and safely by your own vet. Complicated problems are referred to Dr Christine. She prefers to work through referral.

Most of the veterinarians in Sydney know about Sydney Pet Dentistry and enjoy working with Christine. This provides many benefits:

  • Much better care for your pet, especially those with previous dental issues or other health problems.
  • She can discuss your pet’s health issues with your own vet, and access their medical records, blood tests etc.
  • Reduced risk of a non-dental problem being discovered by Dr Christine at your dental visit. This might need to be dealt with by your local vet prior to dental surgery (resulting in extra trips between practices, and extra stress and cost).

However, Dr Christine is happy for you to contact her directly for advice if you prefer. Click Here

Call Sydney Pet Dentistry on 1300 838336  if you have an emergency. We are the ONLY Sydney based dental service. Appointments outside of normal consulting days, including weekends, can be arranged (additional fees may apply).

Education Services

Our dental education service provides flexible, individual programs for vets and vet nurses covering:

  • All aspects of dental health and welfare
  • Disease development and management
  • Practical dental surgical skills.

From one-off short seminars through to fully integrated staff training programs, we help you work out what you need to learn to feel confident in this progressive and really important area of vet practice. We design a tailored plan to help you get there!

One of the most valued things about Sydney Pet Dentistry is the focus that Christine places on animal welfare and the elimination of pain in our pets. This is a strong message in all her training. As proof of this, she works at the RSPCA with the shelter animals, treating their often terribly painful dental problems so that they can go on to find happy homes.

The love and care you provide is honestly exceptional!

– Jenny and Simon

About Dr. Christine Hawke

Christine has been a vet since 1993, graduating with First Class Honours and the University Medal from the University of Sydney. After several years in small animal general practice (in both Australia and the UK) she was awarded her PhD in immunology and genetics in 2004.

Following a break to start her family she returned to the University of Sydney as a lecturer and small animal clinician. It was during this time that she was bitten by the dental bug!

Dr Christine achieved her Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (MANZVCS) in Veterinary Dentistry in 2006 – this is by examination only.

Christine established Sydney Pet Dentistry the following year and has been devoted to providing excellent dental care to the pets of Sydney and its surrounds ever since.

She sees patients at:

  • Sydney Veterinary Emergency and Specialists (Rosebery) and
  • North Shore Veterinary Hospital (Artarmon)

She does NOT see patients at the RSPCA (NSW) but she loves working there with the shelter patients to give them happy, healthy mouths prior to adoption.

Christine has at various times over the past decade, been President of the Australian Veterinary Dental Society and President of the Dentistry Chapter of the ANZCVS. She is passionate about education, teaching all aspects of small animal dentistry to vets and vet nurses both privately (in-clinic) and through various education providers.

When she gets a spare moment or two, Christine loves hanging out with her family, which includes two awesome children (Ella and Henry), her handsome Devon Rex cats (Johnny and George) and the latest addition to the family, a crazy Cavoodle (Jack). Ironically, she is allergic to cats, but can’t imagine life without them!