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My Dog Has Bad Breath!

What IS it with dog bad breath? It’s widespread enough that we use the term dog breath as an insult, yet a sign of potentially serious disease that is too often overlooked. It’s offensive enough that it can make your nose hairs curl, yet frequently ignored for years...

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Canines Has Turned a Light Shade of Pink/Grey

Dear Christine, I wonder if you could advise whether there is anything that I can do for my dog, Zac. A couple of days ago I noticed that one of his canines has turned a light shade of pink/grey. I went to see the vet I normally go to and he said that the dog was not...

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Talk to the Humans

Christine was recently invited to speak at the NSW Public Oral Health Conference in Wollongong on 11-12 May. For a change, her audience were a human dentists, rather than vets. She spoke about the world of veterinary dentistry, including some of the differences in...

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Root Canals at the Speed of Light

Christine’s favourite new tool is her rotary endodontic system, Lightspeed. Used for root canal therapy, this motorised system can speed up the procedure for your pet, meaning less time under anaesthesia. Christine was introduced to this system when in the USA...

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I went to see Dr Christine Hawke after she was highly recommended to me by our local vet who had been treating my dog Cleo with antibiotics for mouth problems. Cleo was also being treated for a heart condition so the thought of an operation and anesthetic scared me...

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Destructive Chewing In Dogs – Bonnie’s Painful Mouth

Destructive chewing in dogs is an expensive and frustrating problem. It should be remembered that chewing in dogs is a normal behaviour that helps relieve the pain of sore teeth (for example in teething puppies) and can also be a way to relieve boredom and keep your...

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Stomatitis in Cats – Sox’s Story

Stomatitis in cats is a very common problem... and very painful. Cats are subtle creatures that do not show pain well. As a result, signs of dental pain in cats are easily overlooked. Sometimes it is really just the social behaviours we see. Social withdrawal is often...

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Bad Breath In Dogs – Noelene’s Testimonial

Bad breath in dogs is a very common problem. Although not a disease in itself, it is a symptom of periodontal (gum) disease. This was certainly the problem with Cleo. What Causes Bad Breath In Dogs? The smell is the accumulation of bacteria and pus around the teeth...

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