Dental Diagnostics

The backbone of any dental treatment for your pet is an accurate diagnosis. This diagnosis can be achieved in many ways but follows a well-defined process.

Dental Diagnostics Leads To Proper Treatment

Sydney Pet Dentistry follows a well-defined diagnostic process:

  • A history and referral letter are requested from your vet, including any tests or treatments that have been performed so far. If necessary further tests, especially those to ensure anaesthetic safety, are requested from your referring vet before your visit to Sydney Pet Dentistry.
  • We take a history during the initial consultation,
  • A physical examination is performed in the consultation room. This examination may be limited if your pet is painful and reluctant to be examined, but we have had years of practice in gently and slowly examining our patients!
  • A tentative diagnosis is made
  • A more thorough examination may be required under anaesthesia, where we can comfortably and thoroughly check the mouth. We record any disease on a dental chart, including such things as missing teeth and the severity of any disease.
  • Diagnostic tests may be indicated to confirm the tentative diagnosis. There are a number of commonly used tests:
    • Dental x-rays
    • Blood tests
    • Biopsy
    • CT or MRI scans

Once a diagnosis is confirmed, a treatment plan is made and implemented. In most cases, this can all be done on the same visit, avoiding unnecessary delays and anaesthetics. Of course, if you prefer, treatment can be performed on a separate day from the diagnosis.

Sphynx examination at veterinary clinic.

For Vets: Radiograph Advice

For vets, referral to Sydney Pet Dentistry does not always have to be a physical thing. We are soon launching an x-ray reading service that may allow your patient, including those receiving cat dental treatments, to stay in-hospital and be treated by you. Watch this space for more details.

Brown Border Collie dog during visit to vet.
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