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Sydney Pet Dentistry is the only dedicated veterinary dental hospital in NSW – all we do is pet dentistry.

For over 15 years we have offered a referral service for veterinarians in NSW in the rapidly progressing field of veterinary dentistry. Here are just some of the things about Sydney Pet Dentistry that make us special.

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Organising An Appointment

Many dental problems can be treated professionally and safely by your own vet, usually at a lower cost and the convenience that all your pet’s treatment stays ‘in-house’. Complicated problems can be referred to Christine or Leah via your local vet.

We prefer to work through referral as this provides much better continuity of care for your pet, especially those with previous dental issues or other health problems. She can discuss your pet’s health issues with your own vet, and access their medical records, blood tests etc.

This also minimises the risk of a non-dental problem being discovered by us at your dental visit, which might need to be dealt with by your vet prior to dental surgery (resulting in extra trips between practices, and extra stress).

However, we are happy for you to contact us directly for advice if you prefer.

Second Opinions

Dr. Christine is happy to provide a second opinion on your pet’s mouth. If you want reassurance that you are doing the right thing, or maybe you don’t have a vet – Christine can see you without a referral.


You can find more information on what makes a dental emergency here

Call Sydney Pet Dentistry on 1300 838 336 if you have an emergency. We are the ONLY Sydney-based dental service, which means we are best placed to deal with emergencies. Appointments outside of normal consulting days, including weekends, can be arranged (additional fees may apply).

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Christine and Leah receive many enquiries relating to the pricing of procedures. This is completely understandable! While she can sometimes give a rough guide for fairly ‘standard’ procedures such as root canal treatment, the costs can vary depending on the individual problem, the size of your pet, and other medical issues affecting the anaesthetic. All procedures include the benefits of Sydney Pet Dentistry’s skill and experience and the facilities of a 24-hour referral hospital.

Please remember that until we have examined your pet we cannot give more than a rough idea of a diagnosis or estimate of costs. A human dentist would not even consider diagnosing and estimating treatment costs without examining you. It is exactly the same for us.

Booking a consultation is by far the quickest and safest way to ensure a correct diagnosis and treatment for your pet.

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