There are thankfully very few dental emergencies but some problems require prompt attention. There is a small window of opportunity to treat these problems. 

Trauma patients – such as road accidents – may also have dental problems, but the importance in this situation is on stabilisation and critical care for your pet, not so much the tooth. Transfer to your local vet or emergency centre is the priority.

Who To Contact In An Emergency

  • Sydney Pet Dentistry
    1300 838 336
    Monday to Friday
    8am - 6pm
  • North Shore Veterinary Emergency
    (02) 9436 1213
    Weekdays, weekends, and public holidays
    6pm - 8am

Types of Emergency

Tooth Fractures

Fractures of the teeth exposing the living tissue inside the tooth (pulp) are extremely painful and can also be treated with a vital pulpotomy if seen within a time window of approximately 48 hours from the time of trauma. Otherwise a more complicated root canal treatment or extraction is required.

An Alsatian dog lies on the Vets table being treated for a tooth emergency.

Avulsed (Pulled Out) Teeth

Teeth that have been pulled out completely – including the root(s) can be put back in place. You can keep the tooth in milk and contact us ASAP

Veterinarian checking a dog with a missing tooth.