Oral Surgery, Trauma and Cancer

Dentistry is not all about the teeth – other tissues within the mouth can also be diseased.

A wide range of problems

Pets suffer from oral cancer, trauma and a wide range of problems that require surgery of the tissues around the teeth. Yet the principles remain the same as for other dental diseases:

  • A careful assessment of the whole patient for other problems that might need immediate attention (such as trauma patients that need other treatment first) or might affect the prognosis (such as cancer patients to check that the disease has not already spread to other parts of the body).
  • Proper diagnosis with techniques such as tissue biopsy, imaging or laboratory tests
  • Gentle and efficient surgical technique minimises time and trauma, which in turn makes for a quick recovery.
  • Appropriate monitoring and aftercare.

By adhering to these basic ideas, nearly all patients undergoing feline dental surgery, vet dentistry and oral surgery will experience a successful recovery.

Sydney Pet Dentistry: Leaders In Feline And Canine Oral Veterinary Care

At Sydney Pet Dentistry, we understand the significance of professional oral health care and how it contributes to the overall quality of life for your beloved pets. As a specialised oral vet, our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch veterinary dental and oral surgery services, ensuring your furry friends maintain optimal oral well-being.

Close up of a Female Vet Injecting a Dog on an Injection Table.

Comprehensive Veterinary Dental Services

Our state-of-the-art oral veterinary clinic in Sydney offers a range of services, including pet dental check-ups, dental surgery for dogs, and feline dental surgery. As leaders in the field of veterinary oral surgery, we prioritise preventive care and specialised treatments for all your pets’ oral needs.


The services Sydney Pet Dentistry offers include:

  • Oral cancer (neoplasia) 
  • Trauma and jaw fractures
  • Cleft palate repair
  • TMJ problems
  • Oro-nasal fistula
  • Dentigerous cysts
Cute cat during examination by veterinarian.

Specialist Dental Vet For Dogs And Cats

With a focus on excellence, our specialist dental vets are skilled in canine oral surgery and cat dental and oral surgery. We go beyond routine care, offering advanced procedures to address any oral health concerns your pets may face. With our veterinary dental specialities and oral surgery services, your pet will find the relief and new lease on life that they deserve.

Tailored Oral Care For Your Pets

Here at Sydney Pet Dentistry, we acknowledge how important your pets are to you. From their initial consultation to their day of surgery, we ensure the best care and tailored solutions to give them the best possible results. We want them to feel safe and assured throughout their experience, and our team remains committed to prioritising their happiness and health. We promise to go above and beyond for your pets, delivering the highest quality vet dentistry and oral surgery in Sydney! 

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