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We make it simple. Advanced dentistry and complicated referrals in a caring, state-of-the-art hospital, led by a vet dentist, led by a vet dentist.

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Dental Disease Challenges Us All

Animal dental disease is common in our pets, just like it is with us. Treatment and prevention can be challenging and time-consuming and may require the expertise of a Veterinary Dental Surgeon.

As a pet owner home care can be difficult and (like us) you will need to take your pet for regular dental cleaning at your vets.

As a vet, patients often require long and complex treatments. Your patients are often old and have other problems, making anaesthesia long and risky.

The Importance Of Dental Health

Just like humans, dogs and cats commonly suffer from painful dental disease, Pets are so good at hiding dental pain that we call it the silent pain of dental disease.

Dental health is directly linked to the vitality, longevity, and happiness of our pets, making it a top priority for vets and pet owners alike.

Every pet deserves a healthy and pain-free mouth. Watch this video for more information on the importance of dental disease in our pets, featuring insights from a vet dental specialist.

Where Sydney Pet Dentistry Fits In

Our job is to take away your dental challenges. Our referral veterinary dentist service offers a realistic alternative for vets and pet owners.

Pets receive the best care when we can cooperate with their vet; it’s best to go through the normal referral process.

What Sydney Pet Dentistry Can Offer

Our specialist dental vets are experienced and work in a state of the art dentistry hospital to treat the most challenging of dental problems.

Addressing (often unnoticed) dental pain in cats is our passion, guiding every aspect of our approach as cat dentists.

We offer gold standard treatments, but sometimes a more pragmatic solution might be a better fit for the client and the patient.

By offering all the treatment options, clients to make up their own mind as to what is best for their pet.

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What our Clients, and their pets, tell us

Dental disease slowly progresses and it can be hard to notice that our pets are gradually becoming unwell. However, once this disease is treated, clients are often delighted at how lively and happy their pet has suddenly become.

Our pets don’t need to speak to tell us this – they are happier, more social, and back to their normal selves. Regular visits to veterinary dentists for dog’s health.

Read some of our testimonials and Google reviews, look at some case studies and you will see what we mean.


    Thank you again for everything yesterday. The love and care you provide is honestly exceptional! Kipster is 100% today and his teeth are looking super.


    Lucas the cat

    It’s been 4 months since you extracted all of Lucas’s teeth and he is doing incredibly well…


    Bear the dog, a white Bull Terrior

    Thank you so much for looking after our little Bear so well. He is doing so well and seems so much happier. He has stopped chucking his tantrums so i wonder if the pain was causing him to act out cause he was trying to say how much pain he was in. He seems so much happier now.


    Bonnie, a cute white and brown furred dog.

    Many thanks, Christine for looking after our girl, Bonnie, who is doing very well. She is no longer chewing up the house, which was obviously caused by her sore mouth. We were very appreciative of the quality of service & time taken to explain her affliction & what we should have done to resolve it. I will definitely be recommending you if anyone is ever in need of your services. Kind regards

    Donna & Paul, Bonnie

    Cleo, a

    Cleo will be 18 in December, she had suffered the problems in her mouth for too long now. I left Cleo with Christine to be operated on the same afternoon. When I picked her up the next day she was happy to see me but I had a feeling it was going to take a couple of days to get her over the long operation and to get used to having no teeth! It has been one week since the operation and I am thrilled to say that Cleo is looking wonderful, she is so much happier and brighter. She has no problems at all eating, in fact, I think she is enjoying food much more now!


    Image of Obi the dog lying on his back with a big smile.

    We were very grateful to have the combined benefit of your expertise, clear explanations, relaxed approach and caring manner with Obi.

    Rachael, Damon and Obi

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Every Pet Deserves A Healthy, Pain-Free Mouth