Dental Care For Cats & Dogs

General, Advanced and Emergency Dentistry For Your Pet

High quality dental care for your furry family members.
Relief from bad breath, broken teeth, mouth pain, and all dental problems.
Safe anaesthesia, including older or unwell pets.
Open discussion about different options, costs, procedures and prognosis.

What Sydney Pet Dentistry Can Do For Your Pet

Our Referral Services In A 24-hour Referral Hospital Means Your Pet Will Receive The Best Care Possible

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Referral and emergency consultations
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Dental X-rays and CT scans
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Extractions including difficult or extensive extractions
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Root canal and pulp capping treatments for broken or damaged teeth (Endodontics)
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Anaesthesia for elderly or infirm patients (eg heart, liver, kidney disease, diabetes, cancer)
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Periodontal (gum) disease therapy
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Orthodontic assessment and treatment for puppies and kittens
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Treatment of chronic gingivostomatitis

We were very grateful to have the combined benefit of your expertise, clear explanations, relaxed approach and caring manner with Obi.

– Rachael, Damon and Obi

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Advanced Dentistry For Your Furry Family Members

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Referral and Emergency Consultations

Dr Christine accept referrals for all dental conditions, including high risk patients. Emergency treatment can be arranged at short notice when required.

Dental X-rays and CT scans

Dental xrays are critical in diagnosing, treating and monitoring dental conditions. Without xrays, only a third of the tooth can be seen, meaning painful conditions are commonly overlooked, treatment planning is often suboptimal, and more surgical complications may arise. Dentistry without xrays is like operating in the dark.


Dental extractions can be difficult, especially in predators (such as dogs and cats) where the teeth are designed to never come out! Dr Christine has spent years developing her skills to allow rapid extraction of even the trickiest teeth, with minimal pain and postoperative complications.

Root Canal Therapy and Pulp Capping

Fractured teeth may sometimes be saved from extraction, and even kept alive. Root canal treatment for dead teeth preserves their function, while freshly damaged teeth may be kept vital if pulp capping is performed quickly after injury. These procedures can also be used during surgical shortening of teeth in cases where orthodontic problems are causing bite problems.

Anaesthesia for elderly or infirm patients

Dr Christine has years of experience treating higher-risk patients, and has the security of a referral hospital with 24 hour intensive care facilities and multiple staff specialists if needed. Her surgical experience means shorter anaesthetic times, giving extra peace of mind.

Bite assessment and teething problems orthodontics

A healthy mouth is important for all dogs, and the first few months of development are critical in determining whether your dog will have a happy smile or a lifetime of dental pain. Do you have a puppy and want to know if it has a ‘good bite’? Arrange a bite assessment for your new family member and have them checked and set for a healthy, happy life.

Stomatitis treatment in cats and dogs

Chronic gingivostomatitis is a painful, debilitating and frustrating disease. Dr Christine has treated many cases of this over the past decade, with good success for longterm relief. She is happy to provide help for vets and owners in the management of these patients.

Professional Dental Cleaning and Periodontal therapy

If your cat or dog has bad breath, you are smelling periodontal infection. When gums become inflamed, bacteria invades the bloodstream and spreads through the body to distant organs such as the liver, heart and kidneys. In people, periodontal disease is associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. If you suspect your pet has inflamed gums or their breath smells bad, see your vet, or book in a time to speak with Dr Christine right away.

Educational services for vets, nurses, breed clubs and animal lovers

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, an estimated 85% of adult dogs and cats suffer from dental disease. Despite this, the proportion of pets receiving dental treatment in most practices is often barely a tenth of this. That’s a lot of animals missing out on what they need for a happy, healthy life. Speak with us today about our educational services for practices, and how you can grow your dentistry service and help more of your patients.

– Virginia