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Read the latest blog articles from Sydney Pet Dentistry. Christine contributes to this library of articles, videos and PDFs regularly so come back often.

Is a Pet Dental Procedure Too Much for My Old Pet?

As pets grow old, one of the things that is important to maintain is quality of life. If the teeth are severely infected or there is severe gingivitis and gum disease going on in the mouth, the quality of life is poor as the animal experiences discomfort and pain...

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Fergus – Fractured Canine Tooth

Fergus is a young German Shepherd who had a fractured canine tooth (fang tooth). After his regular playtime, his owner noticed that his tooth was broken and bleeding, so she took him straight to the local vet. The fracture had taken the top of the tooth away and...

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Albion Park Vets

Albion Park Veterinary Hospital recently completely upgraded its dental equipment. As a consequence we had Dr Christine Hawke of Sydney Pet Dentistry recommended to us for an in-house demonstration on 5th November 2009. Christine spent most of the day here. Initially...

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What is Involved in a Referral to Sydney Pet Dentistry?

Once the appointment is arranged things are pretty straight forward. Don’t feed your pet on the morning of the consultation in case general anaesthesia is required. If possible make sure your pet goes to the toilet beforehand as well. Aim to arrive approximately 10...

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What to Do if You See a Broken Pet Tooth

Broken dog teeth (and cat teeth) should be assessed by your vet as soon as they are noticed. If the fracture is fairly small and does not expose the pulp (living tissue inside the tooth) there is a reasonable chance the tooth will survive. However, such teeth should...

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Virginia’s Testimonial

Thank you again for everything yesterday. The love and care you provide is honestly exceptional! Kipster is 100% today and his teeth are looking super.

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Karl & Cheryl’s Testimonial

Thank you so much for looking after our little bear so well. He is doing so well and seems so much happier. He has stopped chucking his tantrums so i wonder if the pain was causing him to act out cause he was trying to say how much pain he was in. He seems so much...

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