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Talk to the Humans

Christine was recently invited to speak at the NSW Public Oral Health Conference in Wollongong on 11-12 May. For a change, her audience were a human dentists, rather than vets. She spoke about the world of veterinary dentistry, including some of the differences in...

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Root Canals at the Speed of Light

Christine’s favourite new tool is her rotary endodontic system, Lightspeed. Used for root canal therapy, this motorised system can speed up the procedure for your pet, meaning less time under anaesthesia. Christine was introduced to this system when in the USA...

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I went to see Dr Christine Hawke after she was highly recommended to me by our local vet who had been treating my dog Cleo with antibiotics for mouth problems. Cleo was also being treated for a heart condition so the thought of an operation and anesthetic scared me...

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Our Bull Terrier, Lucius was referred to see Christine Hawke for assessment and management of a tooth root abscess. During the initial consultation, Christine could not possibly have been more helpful and forthcoming. She spent the better part of an hour explaining...

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Do Dog Chews Really Work?

There is a lot of debate about whether dog chews really are effective at controlling bad breath and gum disease in our pooches. Questions such as Which dog chews are effective? and How often should my dog be given a dog chew? come up regularly in veterinary...

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Stomatitis (CUPS) In Dogs – Deborah’s Testimonial

What Are Stomatitis and CUPS In Dogs? Stomatitis in dogs refers to inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and lips. This means that dogs will be very sore and red on their gums and the insides of their lips. A type of stomatitis in dogs is CUPS, which is an...

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