Here’s our little story about Amy and Ben.

Amy and Ben are brother and sister British Shorthairs who used to had great teeth up until they were about four. We didn’t realise how much pain they were both in, especially Amy, as she had major problems. This came as a major shock to us because we meticulously ensured they both had a well-balanced diet with a good mix of dry foods and fresh meets for their teeth and gums.

Amy used to hide up in the garage on top of an old wardrobe, and was never very affectionate, and always grumpy with Benny.

When we went over to our local vet Jenny for their yearly checkup she noticed that Amy had a broken off back tooth, which seemed very strange for such a young cat. It all led to discovering that she had a problem called resorption.

Benny’s problem wasn’t discovered until much later, his canines were growing far too long out of his jaw, and he had seemed to have lost a lot of his little teeth at the front.

We were referred to Christine Hawke. Christine operated on Amy and later on Benny. Amy had three canines out, a back tooth, and another one. Benny at a later date had his four canines out.

The result is amazing. We used to have to run Feliway all the time just to hopefully stop them (Amy and Ben) fighting. We don’t need it anymore as they are both very different little (or not so little) kitties.

Amy is the sweetest affectionate little girl and Ben is a big happy playful boy. Their nicknames are ‘White Fang’ for Amy and ‘Gummy Bear’ for Ben.

We can’t thank Christine enough for the changes in our little guys, and Amy and Ben can’t thank her enough either.