Having spent the first decade of my veterinary life with pretty much NO dental knowledge, and feeling completely out of my depth every time I had to perform dental surgery, I know how hard it can be out there. All those mouths. All those teeth!

I’m dedicated to supporting my fellow vets by providing advice on your dental cases, and resources for improving your knowledge and skills. I can offer phone advice on cases, help you decide if referral is appropriate, and discuss options for improving your own dental skill set. I’ll be building up lots of vet-only resources for you as well.

If I have your mobile or practice number in my phone, you are on my Priority Call List. I am far more likely to answer your calls immediately if physically possible (for example, in emergency cases). It also alerts me to call you back faster if I can’t answer straight away. Note: due to the volume of calls, priority will be given to vets and practices in New South Wales and the ACT.

If I have your email address, I can easily alert you when I have new resources that might be of value to you. Straight to your inbox. Easy.

Fill out your details here, and we can start working together to make dentistry stress free for you.

Of course your details will not be shared, sold or put on the dark web – your secrets are safe with me!