Having spent the first decade of my veterinary life with pretty much NO dental knowledge, and feeling completely out of my depth every time I had to perform dental surgery, I know how hard it can be out there. All those mouths. All those teeth!

I’m dedicated to supporting my fellow vets. Here are some of the ways I am looking to do this:

Providing Case Management Advice

I can happily provide advice on your dental problem cases. The trick with providing a worthwhile service is that it really does work best when I have the most information available (and the time on my end) to make a proper recommendation for you. Patient X-rays and case information are submitted via a private portal. We can then talk by phone, zoom, or I can simply report on the case for you.

Due to the time to run this service and the technology to make it happen, there will be a cost for this. You you can pass onto your client – they love the extra assurance from an expert and you will also learn a lot in the process. Oncologists and radiologists offer similar paid services all the time.

In some cases referral may be appropriate – think prolonged extraction times in older animals, endodontics, orthodontics. A lot will depend on your skills and confidence.

In other cases the extra case advice may allow you to perform the procedure yourself!

The Members Area – Providing Knowledge, Skills and Resources

Clearly I can’t (and don’t want!) to do every dental in New South Wales. I have a long history of working with vets, vet practices and suppliers to improve the knowledge and skills of veterinarians. The aim is to diagnose problems and provide a quick and efficient treatment – 4 hour dentals while all your afternoon consults are waiting are no good for anyone!

I’ll be building up lots of vet-only resources that will go within a veterinary members portal. This won’t happen overnight but it is happening as we speak. 

If I have your email address, I can easily alert you when I have new resources that might be of value to you. Straight to your inbox. Easy.

Sign Up To Our Waiting List

Fill out your details here, and just say in the notes section of the form that you want to be on the waiting list for the membership site. We can start working together to make dentistry efficient and stress free for you.

Of course your details will not be shared, sold or put on the dark web – your secrets are safe with me!