It’s been 4 months since you extracted all of Lucas’s teeth and he is doing incredibly well. This morning he went for a belly clip and Gert had a quick look inside his mouth and took a couple of photos which he is going to send through to you.

The photos only tell a story that I was already seeing in him. Lucas (our cat) is now a happy cat who doesn’t run away and hide – although somehow he knew when I got off the phone this morning to the vet that he was going somewhere and hid, even though his cage was nowhere in sight!.

He talks to me, and meows which he never did before, asking every day for his afternoon cuddle, though he is eating so well (biscuits are now his favourite) he is becoming very heavy to pick up. He is sitting beside me as I type, grooming himself – again a newby.

His whole system is healthy – his stools are solid, his coat is thick and shiny and he doesn’t sneeze and have the running nose anywhere near the extent he did before. He loves his twice daily tumbles with his brother Oscar.

Thank you for taking such great care with his surgery. It was a stressful time but it was well worth it for him, for Oscar and for me.