Regular pet teeth cleaning at home – just a few minutes a day – can improve your pet’s health, improve that bad dog breath, make them more comfortable, saving you money on treatment. So…how do I care for my pet’s teeth?Periodontal disease is caused by plaque bacteria that accumulate on the teeth, causing inflammation, infection and damage to the sensitive oral tissues. Home care programs are usually targeted at slowing down plaque accumulation, thus slowing down disease progression.

Methods that may be recommended include those that physically remove plaque (such as brushing teeth or dog chews) or kill plaque bacteria (chemical rinses, gels or water additives). A combination of these methods is most effective and there are a variety of options available. Most pets can have a program designed that suits their individual needs and behaviour and fitting in with your own lifestyle.

Since plaque starts to form immediately after brushing teeth, there is no home care method that will prevent plaque and tartar from forming altogether – even humans who brush their teeth twice a day get some buildup of plaque and tartar which needs to be removed by scaling and polishing. Home care does not replace the need for regular dental examinations and professional cleaning, but it will increase the time period between treatments and reduce the number of tooth extractions required in the future.

Before commencing a home care program, it is recommended that you ask your vet to check for any existing oral problems so these can be addressed up front. This makes home care more effective, and gives you peace of mind that you are not causing more discomfort if your pet has any painful or sensitive areas.

Once your pet has a healthy and pain free mouth again eg after a professional teeth clean (scale and polish), the home care program can be initiated.

Any questions about pet teeth cleaning we will happily answer – just comment below.