Albion Park Veterinary Hospital recently completely upgraded its dental equipment. As a consequence we had Dr Christine Hawke of Sydney Pet Dentistry recommended to us for an in-house demonstration on 5th November 2009.

Christine spent most of the day here. Initially we had a power point presentation with all the staff attending. Then we had an explanation of instruments and equipment. Christine supplied materials for demonstrations – cleaning and extractions. Then Christine observed and tutored as we each took turns removing carnassials and canine teeth.

Dentals are now recommended with much more confidence and conviction and life has been a lot easier since that day. Technique advice together with little tricks to employ have now made it fun removing teeth when appropriate as opposed to the apprehension we had when faced with the carnassial tooth removal using methods we were employing until then.

The whole day was of immense benefit. We would highly recommend similar to any practice – you won’t regret it. Christine herself is so personable and easy to interact with, you will feel she is a member of your team and has always been there!


Dr Andrejs Medenis
Owner and Veterinarian
Albion Park Veterinary Hospital