1. Gallery

The Sydney Pet Dentistry Gallery is where we can show you the cutest, the bravest and all-around most loveable patients that we see. And by the way, old pets are just as cute – there are so many years of history and devotion behind their years with you. We would love to see your pet in our gallery!

The gallery is mostly a mirror of our Instagram account… but we want to do better than that. To begin with, provide us with some images of your pet via email, Instagram or Facebook. Alternatively, Christine usually takes lots of photos so even just providing permission is very helpful.

Next, provide us with a story. We would love to hear your pet’s story both before and after surgery. The vast majority of our patients do extremely well and it is really helpful for those considering treatment to hear how other pets manage surgery and the post-operative recovery. See our article on older pets.

Finally, write a Google Review. We really value your feedback. Please talk to us if you are unhappy, please tell Google or Facebook if you are happy!

Thanks and we look forward to seeing your pet in the Sydney Pet Dentistry Gallery.