A tooth infection in a dog starts with a break in the tooth that exposes the pulp. The pulp is the hollow inner core of the tooth where the tooth’s blood vessel and nerve are situated. This allows bacteria to travel down the pulp canal and create an infection at the base of the tooth.

Tooth Infections in dogs can cause bone loss, abscessation, destruction of the tooth and (just like us) pain. Unfortunately, dogs with a tooth root abscess may not show a lot of pain. Tooth infections in dogs are as painful as they are for people. Because pets do not show pain well it is easy to miss a tooth root infection in your dog.

The treatment of Lucius’s tooth root abscess was a complete success. Here is what Gemma had to say…

Our Bull Terrier, Lucius was referred to see Christine Hawke for assessment and management of a tooth root abscess.

Tooth root abscess


During the initial consultation, Christine could not possibly have been more helpful and forthcoming. She spent the better part of an hour explaining every possible outcome as well as answering all of my questions. I was elated to have Christine take on Lucius as her patient. At all times she made me feel completely at ease.

Lucius underwent surgery the following week and has recovered beautifully.

At every stage of my contact and dealings with Christine Hawke, she was professional, friendly and exceptionally thorough in all aspects of her service. Her genuine affection and concern for our pet were unmistakable.

I would absolutely recommend her service to anyone.