Case Studies

Virginia’s Testimonial

Thank you again for everything yesterday. The love and care you provide is honestly exceptional! Kipster is 100% today and his teeth are looking super.

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Karl & Cheryl’s Testimonial

Thank you so much for looking after our little bear so well. He is doing so well and seems so much happier. He has stopped chucking his tantrums so i wonder if the pain was causing him to act out cause he was trying to say how much pain he was in. He seems so much...

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Jenny & Simon’s Testimonial

Here's our little story about Amy and Ben. Amy and Ben are brother and sister British Shorthairs who used to had great teeth up until they were about four. We didn't realise how much pain they were both in, especially Amy, as she had major problems. This came as a...

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Canines Has Turned a Light Shade of Pink/Grey

Dear Christine, I wonder if you could advise whether there is anything that I can do for my dog, Zac. A couple of days ago I noticed that one of his canines has turned a light shade of pink/grey. I went to see the vet I normally go to and he said that the dog was not...

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Talk to the Humans

Christine was recently invited to speak at the NSW Public Oral Health Conference in Wollongong on 11-12 May. For a change, her audience were a human dentists, rather than vets. She spoke about the world of veterinary dentistry, including some of the differences in...

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