Case Studies

Donna & Paul’s Testimonial

Many thanks Christine for looking after our girl, Bonnie, who is doing very well & no longer chewing up the house, which was obviously caused by her sore mouth. We were very appreciative of the quality of service & time taken to explain her affliction & what we should...

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Sox (stomatitis case)

Christine Just a brief note to thank you for your management of our Sox's serious dental problems. As you know Sox had suffered for months and months with painful gum and mouth infections. In consultation with his vet we had tried long and varied treatment with...

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Noelene’s Testimonial

My testimonial…….. I went to see Dr Christine Hawke after she was highly recommended to me by our local vet who had been treating my dog Cleo with antibiotics for mouth problems. Cleo was also being treated for a heart condition so the thought of an operation and...

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Gemma’s Testimonial

Our Bull Terrier, Lucius was referred to see Christine Hawke for assessment and management of a tooth root abscess. During the initial consultation, Christine could not possibly have been more helpful and forthcoming. She spent the better part of an hour explaining...

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Deborah’s Testimonial

We are the owners of 'Bella', an 11-year-old Maltese/Lhasa Apso who was suffering from CUPS. After seeing a number of Vets and multiple doses of antibiotics, we sought a second opinion at the University of Sydney Veterinary Hospital, where we were referred to Dr...

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My Dog Has Bad Breath!

What IS it with dog bad breath? It’s widespread enough that we use the term dog breath as an insult, yet a sign of potentially serious disease that is too often overlooked. It’s offensive enough that it can make your nose hairs curl, yet frequently ignored for years...

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Canines Has Turned a Light Shade of Pink/Grey

Dear Christine, I wonder if you could advise whether there is anything that I can do for my dog, Zac. A couple of days ago I noticed that one of his canines has turned a light shade of pink/grey. I went to see the vet I normally go to and he said that the dog was not...

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